International Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is making history with United Together Fashion Show

Entertainment Correspondent: With the fashion industry being so competitive, it’s a rare experience to find a high end producer such as Farhan Chowdhury, who has the mission of letting every aspiring model and designer chase their dream. Farhan Chowdhury grew up witnessing the excitement and passion that came with all things fashion. His mother, Parvis Chowdhury, became a well known designer in Bangladesh before her work made it over to the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world. Parvis became the first designer and organizer from Bangladesh to work with New York Fashion Week. Farhan followed in her footsteps, and started modeling in different parts of the world. He was so successful; he was the first Bangladesh person to walk in New York Fashion Week.

Farhan’s latest show is “United Together.” United Together was created by Farhan with the intentions of bringing different cultures from around the world to one universal stage. With the help of Farhan’s manager, Mayega Tendo (Ricky) and his assistant producer and media relations coordinator, Mimi Litecky, the show was concocted and has already had great responses. There are a few differences with this show that other shows do not have. For one, Farhan’s goal is to give opportunities to both aspiring and established designers, models, makeup artists, influencers, and more. His limitations on who he hires or works with is not about experience, but about aspirations and dedication to the shows. Farhan is all about giving chances to those who have wanted to be in the fashion industry, and teaching them how to grow and develop. Another big component of United Together is that there are no restrictions on the models and designers that work based on appearances. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious practices, background, and more, each entrepreneur is offered that possibility.

United Together starts February 8th during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter Collection 2020. The show has already caused a buzzing of excitement. From well known models to actors and hosts, all the way to up and coming models and designers, United Together has been the hot talk with New York Fashion Week. But that’s not the only show United Together is going to be having. United Together is scheduled to go on tour to Paris, London, Los Angeles, and more. Because of how successful the show has already been before it has even launched, the tour has expanded even more. Assistant producer Mimi Litecky says, “We are very excited for the whole tour. It’s a different dynamic than most fashion shows because we are discovering new talent everywhere we go. It’s great connecting with people worldwide with the same love for fashion.”

With news articles and videos already on channels throughout the world, it’s no secret that this show is going to blow it out of the water. United Together has a variety of designers pieces of different styles and genres that meshes to blend together all the cultures in a pleasing way. Spots have been filling up fast for designers, but model calls takes place 02/06/2020.