International Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury setting a New Trend in International Fashion Industry

Entertainment Correspondent: It is quite clear by now wherever a Supermodel touches down it becomes a Brand, and when it is someone as recognized as Farhan chowdhury, something out of the ordinary is sure to happen. After winning the Fashion industry as well as millions of hearts as a model, Farhan Chowdhury is now stepping into Production. He is the founder of Road To Vintage Fashion Show brand and one of the Organizers for New York Fashion Week. His team’s goal is to provide people with talent and ambition a chance to display their skill and prove themselves on the biggest of stages.

Founder Of ‘Road To Vintage’ Fashion Show Brand and Internationally famous supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is going to organize a fashion show in “New York Fashion Week” after multiple successful shows.

New York Fashion Week has been one of the top fashion shows all over the world since its inception. It is a matter of pride that International Supermodel Farhan and his team is organizing a day of fashion show in February,2020. He is being assisted by his Manager Mayega Tendo(Ricky) and Mimi Litecky(Mimi), the show’s Assistant Director and Media Relations Coordinator.

The show will feature different designers displaying a variety of cultures. The main of the show is to present the beauty and diversity of cultures in one place.

While confronting the media farhan said , “First of all I am so honored and blessed to have the best team in the world who works really hard for me and i am really overwhelmed by the support from everyone. Thank you all for your kindess. Whatever i am today, i am because of you guys. Our Purpose and Vision for this show is to feature all the talented designers and models from all over the world, representing cultures from all over the world and we will make that happen”.

Check Out their Road To Vintage website:

ROAD TO VINTAGE is a black-tie celebration of 500+ years of fashion through modern renditions and cultures on a global scale, as interpreted by Minnesota designers.
Minnesota’s vibrant creative community is a perfect backdrop illustrating the tapestry of modern creativity and fashion’s historical and current impact to society. Our unique cultural legacy has spawned some of the most creative minds and revered talents within arts and entertainment, from Judy Garland to Bob Dylan to Prince.

ROAD TO VINTAGE FASHION SHOW Brand Founded by International Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury ( First International Male Supermodel from Bangladesh ) and Jacelyn Johnson (film director, screenwriter, model, and the director of MTM Agency – Minneapolis), of F+J Productions. It was their desire to provide an artistic platform to incubate and cultivate the local creative coalition. They have partnered with model, entrepreneur and philanthropist Larissa Lowthorp to give back to the community.

ROAD TO VINTAGE FASHION SHOW Brand celebrates Minnesota’s history of couture originality and seeks to usher in a new Golden Era of local fashion design by elevating and promoting our homegrown artistic talent.

International Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is the son of Businessman Mainul Islam Chowdhury and Renowned Fashion Designer Parvis Chowdhury . He is in the fashion industry for his mom since he was seven. Now he is an International Supermodel himself. He is also well known for his kind gestures and humbleness, always supportive of the people who are new to the fashion industry. He is a leading example not just to aspiring models but to all the people with dreams to pursue.